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Historical Romance

Gentleman in Waiting

Everything depends on the baby…

Lady Mariah Gerrard anxiously awaits the birth of her stepmother’s child, desperately hoping for a boy who will inherit their father’s title so Mariah can gain access to her dowry and her freedom. Her father’s cousin John, the next heir in line, has other plans – so if the baby is a girl, disaster looms for Mariah.

When Myles Moreton comes to Edgeworth to manage the family estate, Mariah’s no longer certain that even the birth of a boy will solve her problems. Why is money missing? Why is Mariah’s dowry in doubt?  Despite his genial façade, is Cousin John planning mischief – or worse? Why is Myles Moreton, rather than the late earl’s trustees, suddenly in control? And how can Myles – a man who’s entirely ineligible – be not only completely maddening but utterly charming and very, very tempting?

As the family gathers to await the birth, Mariah and Myles search for answers – and they find that playing the waiting game can have its own rewards.

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Ruining the Rake

A desperate young lady…

When Elinor’s guardian arranges her marriage to an elderly merchant interested only in her society connections, she will do anything to sabotage the wedding – even if it means ruining herself by running off with another man.

A gentleman rake…

Who could be a better choice for a woman who needs ruining than a man so notorious that all of London calls him Lord Rake?

A straightforward bargain…

But when their arrangement goes awry, saving Elinor may mean ruining the rake!

This 40,000 word novella now available in ebook, print, and audio

An Affair for the Season

Julia Sherwood has fulfilled her duty to her husband by giving him his heir. Now she’s free to take a lover – and when a man from her past offers the excitement and danger of an affair, she simply can’t say no. But will her liaison with James lead to true love, or disaster?

This 18,000 word novella is available as an ebook only

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An Unlucky Match

A Regency-period short story

After her betrothals ended in the deaths of two prospective husbands and the life-threatening illness of a third, Lady Audra Lambton –the Poor Lamb – prefers to avoid the ton. But if Audra successfully marries off her brother’s young ward, he’ll sign over control of Audra’s dowry. The prospect of financial freedom lures Audra to London for another Season, where she once more encounters Lucas Kinley, the third of her ill-fated fiancés. Lucas is as deliciously tempting as ever, but can Audra take another chance with The Poor Lamb’s curse – and Lucas’s life?

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Her Wedding Wager

a Regency-period novella

Can she win the most important wager of her life?

Unless Celia can capture a titled gentleman before Lady Stone’s house party ends, she’ll end up in an arranged marriage with her distant cousin Simon. It’s Simon who’s wagered she can’t win her bet, so why is he the only one who can hold Celia’s attention?

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The Birthday Scandal

Spicy Regency-period historical

When their great-uncle the Duke of Weybridge invites the Ardens -- Lucien, Isabel, and Emily -- to his 70th birthday party and promises to make their lives easier, none of them expect to find romance -- or scandal!

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The Mistress' House

Spicy Regency-period historical

Number Five, Upper Seymour Street is the perfect love nest. Tucked away in a discreet corner of London, it's an ideal site to conduct affairs… Except this elegant townhouse has a way of making its residents fall in love instead.

Anne -- the perfect mistress for the rakish Earl of Hawthorne;

Felicity -- the perfect challenge for Richard, Lord Colford;

and Georgiana -- the perfect nightmare for Major Julian Hampton...

the residents of Number Five, Upper Seymour Street.

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Just One Season In London

Spicy Regency-period historical

Meet the Ryecrofts...the family that courts together.

RYE -- Viscount Ryecroft is a young man with a problem. Make that two problems: He has a beautiful sister to marry off -- but no money to fund a London Season for her. Perhaps he needs to find an heiress for himself first? 

SOPHIE – Miss Sophie Ryecroft is willing to marry for the good of the family -- but since she can't meet the sort of man Rye has in mind for her except in London, she’s looking for alternatives. 

MIRANDA -- Rye and Sophie's mother, the dowager (but still young) Lady Ryecroft, will do anything for the sake of her children -- even taking up again with a man she knew long ago, and  offering to be his mistress.

Only in London can the Ryecrofts find their destinies…

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The Wedding Affair

Spicy Regency-period historical

The Duke of Somervale's sister is getting married -- but the guests gathered at his country estate are far more interested in affairs than in wedding bells!

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Wedding Daze

A Regency-period short story

It's too late for Emily to back out of her wedding, even though she's pretty sure she'll regret it if she says "I do." The groom is just as reluctant -- and their respective fathers seem to be the only ones who think the wedding is a good idea. Will Harry and Emily make it to the altar?

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