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I've taught writing -- romance writing, creative writing, college communications and rhetoric, news writing, public relations writing, and more -- for more than twenty years. Many of the tools, exercises, and assignments I've used have been of use to writers across genres, and I am happy to make them widely available for personal use. However, the materials in this area of the website may not be reproduced without permission or credit.

Please contact leighmichaels @ hotmail.com (without the spaces) for more information.

Learning About Romance

Reviewing the romance novel (worksheet)

Rules for the romance novel (worksheet)

What can't a hero/heroine do? (worksheet)

Ten Commandments for Romance Authors (article)


Characterization worksheet (RTF format)

Characterization worksheet (webpage)

Characters Who Keep Secrets (seminar)

Writing Between the Sexes (book)

Creating Romantic Characters (book)


Plotting a story (worksheet)

Brainstorming workout (exercise)

Scene plotting (worksheet)

Over the Author's Shoulder (articles about brainstorming stories)

Ready, Set, Plot! (article)

The Love Story

The force

Sensual tension (example)

Point of View

Point of view explained (examples)

 Point of view and perspective (exercise)

Developing point of view and perspective (example)

The View From Here (article)


Dialogue rules

Dialogue mechanics practice 1 (worksheet)

Dialogue mechanics practice 2 (worksheet)


Flashback -- the rules

Using Flashback (example)


Suggestions for critique partners and groups

"It Simply Sounds So Stupid!"  (article)

Scene diagnostics worksheet (RTF format)

Scene diagnostics practice (example)

Things that stump the best of us (seminar)


Apostrophes, contractions, and possessives - the rules

Easy-to-miss words

Writing the Synopsis

Creating the saleable synopsis

Sample Synopsis - Safe in My Heart (example)

Sample Synopsis - Traveling Man (example)

The Writer's Life

The Top Eleven Ways Not to Finish Your Book  (article)

Quotations for writers



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