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Contemporary Romance Novels

Return to Amberley

When her girlhood crush blossomed into marriage, Andie believed in a rosy future with the man of her dreams – until Todd's betrayal sent her from the beauty of Minnesota's winters to Atlanta to begin anew. But just a few months later, Todd walks back into Andie’s life – asking for her help. The stone quarry they jointly inherited is for sale, and a good price would secure the future for both of them – paying Andie’s tuition and buying freedom for Todd to concentrate on his sculpture. They need to sell now, but the prospective buyer believes he can pick up the quarry at a discount while Todd and Andie fight through a divorce. Todd wants Andie to rejoin him at the family home, Amberley, and put a false face on their failing marriage to convince the buyer and sell the quarry. But is Andie risking her heart if she returns to Amberley?

The Tycoon's Proposal

As college students, Lissa Morgan and Kurt Callahan had a brief fling when a tutoring session turned from math to love. Now they're back together -- but can they overcome their history and start over?

The Corporate Marriage Campaign

Trey Kent has a problem -- his sister's engagement has fallen apart, taking his brainstorm to save the family department store chain along with it. Suddenly without an engaged couple to star in his advertising campaign, Trey starts looking for a bride -- or a reasonable facsimile -- and settles on Darcy Malone. After all, she's newly returned to Chicago and looking for a fresh start...

Assignment: Twins

Nikki is always happy to baby-sit for her friend's adorable twins, but when Laura is quarantined on a cruise ship, Nikki's weekend of substitute parenthood threatens to have no end. She needs help -- and the only possibility is the babies' Uncle Seth. Can Nikki play happy families without getting caught up in romantic nonsense with the impossible Seth Baxter?

The Husband Sweepstake

The future of Erika Forrester's cosmetics firm depends on merging with another business, but the owner's wary of the paparazzi who are always chasing Erika. She decides to distract the reporters by getting married -- and she finds the perfect man right downstairs: Amos Abernathy, apartment manager. After all, his job is helping the residents -- and all she needs is a little favor.

The Takeover Bid

Though Melanie Stafford didn't intend to end up in the classic car business, she's making a success of it, until her silent partner suddenly sells out to Wyatt Reynolds -- a new partner who is anything but silent!

Part-Time Fiancé

 When her brand-new job is put at risk because of a new boss and a harassing customer, Delainey teams up with her next-door neighbor Sam Wagner to protect herself with a faked engagement.

The Billionaire Bid

 Gina Haskell is a woman with a mission. Two missions, in fact -- she's going to save a landmark building from developer Dez Kerrigan, and she's going to build the small historical museum she runs into an organization to be proud of. If only she can get Dez to move out of her way.

The Marriage Market

Kim Burnham and her friends have come up with the perfect way to meet new men. They'll throw a party; each woman will bring two guys she can vouch for but doesn't want to date; and they'll swap. But when Kim invites Tanner Calhoun, her biggest business rival, to the bachelor bazaar, she soon begins to wonder if she really wants to give him away. 

Maybe Married

Their marriage didn't survive the first year... Or did it? Dana Mulholland and Zeke Ferris divorced years ago -- but now they find that their divorce attorney was a crook and they might still be married after all!

Bride by Design

A marriage of convenience to a rising young designer is the perfect answer to  preserve Eve Birmingham's grandfather's jewelry business, and since Eve is certain she'll never fall in love again, why not marry David Elliot? Until she realizes it's not convenience she has in mind -- but by then it's too late to back out...

The Boss's Daughter 

When Amy Sherwood's father has a heart attack, she's suddenly dragged back into his auction business, this time as the boss. But her assistant -- the extremely handsome and dynamic Dylan Copeland -- is keeping such a close eye on Amy that she's not sure whether he's assisting or spying!

Backwards Honeymoon

Having barely escaped a sleazy fortune hunter while almost on her way up the aisle, Kathryn Campbell makes a dramatic escape straight into the arms of Jonah Clarke. Soon the runaways are off on a cross-country trek with all the excitement and intimacy of a quirky honeymoon -- only they're not married... yet.

Backwards Honeymoon has been released as a Manga (comic book) edition in Japan. See the cover

His Trophy Wife audio book

Their marriage of convenience began as a straightforward trade -- Sloan Montgomery's money for Morganna Ashworth's social position. But when Sloan's factory burns, he's not only out of business but he's suspected of arson. Can a marriage based on a cool business agreement survive such an emotional upheaval?

 A Convenient Affair

In their first encounter, attorney Hannah Lowe cost Cooper Winston a ton of money. Now she's inherited an heirloom that rightfully belongs to his family, and he's not above bargaining to get it back -- even if it means pretending that Hannah is the love of his life. 

The Bridal Swap

When the wedding of the century threatens to fall apart, bridal consultant Kara Schuyler is left holding the bag -- especially when the groom, tycoon Jax Montgomery, suggests that she simply step into the bride's empty shoes. 

The HIRING MS RIGHT! trilogy

 Husband on Demand 

Cassie Kerrigan's been hired to housesit and supervise a construction project, not to deal with the homeowner's unpredictable brother. But Jake Abbott isn't about to leave Denver, or the house he's borrowed, till his special project at Tanner Electronics is finished -- and until he's satisfied his desire for Cassie.

Bride on Loan 

When Sabrina Saunders is the innocent cause of an accident which temporarily cripples playboy entrepreneur Caleb Tanner, all the bimbos he's ever dated swarm around him in an effort to take advantage of his disability. Sabrina caused the problem, Caleb says grimly, and she's darned well going to protect him from the consequences -- by pretending to be his new lady love. 

Wife on Approval

When Austin Weaver, the new CEO of Tanner Electronics, needs help to get him and his five-year-old daughter settled in Denver, Paige McDermott is the perfect choice to assist. At least, she would be if she wasn't also the former Mrs. Weaver!

The Tycoon's Baby

Webb Copeland is single and happy to stay that way, but everybody else seems to think his baby daughter needs a mom. Enter Janey Griffin -- the most unsuitable woman Webb can find. Once the matchmakers have learned their lesson about pushing him too far, Webb will be free.... if he still wants to be.

The Boss and the Baby  (finalist in the RWA's RITA contest)

As a teen, Molly Matthews had a fearsome crush on Luke Hudson, and her heart was broken when he told her to get over it. Now she and her little girl have come home to Duluth... and to Luke? 

Her Husband-To-Be

When Danielle Evans and Deke Oliver jointly inherited a Victorian mansion, the stress ended their budding romance. They've sold it once, but now the sale's fallen through and they've got the house back. What are they going to do with The Merry Widow -- and with each other?

The FINDING MR. RIGHT! trilogy

The Billionaire Date 

It wasn't Kit Deever's fault that the charity fundraiser she'd helped with fell flat. But Jarrett Webster didn't see it that way. He insists Kit make good -- so she decides to create the best fundraiser ever by auctioning Jarrett to the highest bidder. 

The Playboy Assignment

Susannah Miller hasn't seen Marc Herrington in almost a decade, and their breakup wasn't amicable. Now he's the heir to an art collection which she needs to obtain for her client, an art museum -- and Marc will deal only on his own terms. 

The Husband Project

All Alison Novak wants is a baby -- not a husband, and not even a relationship. The most practical solution seems to be asking the help of Dr. Logan Kavanaugh -- a doctor with problems of his own. If Alison will agree to a marriage of convenience, he'll make sure she gets her baby...one way or another.

The Fake Fiancé

In the courtroom Morea Landon and Ridge Coltrain are foes. In real life, Morea needs Ridge's help; with her father's career at stake, only Ridge can make a difference. But is putting aside court battles for a fake engagement the answer?

Baby You're Mine!

All Kady Bishop did was answer her boss's door. But when a taxi driver thrusts a baby at her -- a baby who looks just like her boss, Devlin Cunningham -- she's caught between a child who needs her and a man who's NOT the poster boy for fidelity!

The Perfect Divorce

Their marriage of convenience hasn't worked out, so Conner and Synnamon Welles agree to a civilized divorce. Then the trouble starts -- and soon their perfect divorce is falling apart! 

Marrying the Boss

Keir Saunders is a computer whiz, but he's a disaster in ordinary life. So when the business deal of a lifetime prompts him to find the perfect business accessory -- a wife -- who could be better than his sophisticated, beautiful office manager? But how will Jessica Bennington deal with marrying the boss?

On September Hill

Carey Forsythe's sister Lynne is always landing in trouble, and she's always relied on Carey to bail her out. But this time the price is higher, when Brandon Scott makes Carey an offer she can't refuse -- marry him, or Lynne will find herself out of a job and facing criminal charges.

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