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Leigh Michaels -- Author, Teacher, Editor

Newest Releases

COMING SOON -- a new Regency romance novella... the cover will be revealed HERE in a few days!

New in Historical Romance

An Affair for the Season

Julia Sherwood has fulfilled her duty to her husband by giving him his heir. Now she’s free to take a lover – and when a man from her past offers the excitement and danger of an affair, she simply can’t say no. But will her liaison with James lead to true love, or disaster?

This 18,000 word novella is available as an ebook only

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Here We Go Again

Six authors, six short stories, six varied genres!

Take six authors of romance and mystery...

give each one the same first sentence for a story...

and watch what happens!

Here We Go Again is the first sentence of each of the short stories

in this collection -- but the stories are as different as the authors.

(Leigh's story is Shadows of Love -- a Regency romance)

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The Unlikely Santa   


In the retail business, Christmas isn’t a holiday, it’s an endurance contest – and as manager of the Tyler-Royale department store in a major Chicago shopping mall, Brandi Ogilvie knows that surviving December will be a challenge. Merchandise is going astray and her staff is decimated by flu, but at least Brandi has a full roster of Santas. Then Zack Forrest shows up in her store, insisting he’s the perfect candidate to fill Santa’s red velvet suit.

Brandi’s new Santa is too tall, too lean, too dark, and way too sexy for the role. But he’s enough to make a jaded department store manager think twice about what she’d like to find under her tree on Christmas morning – if only she wasn’t so certain that Zack is hiding something.


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                       Contemporary Romance

Return to Amberley

When her girlhood crush blossomed into marriage, Andie believed in a rosy future with the man of her dreams – until Todd's betrayal sent her from the beauty of Minnesota's winters to Atlanta to begin anew. But just a few months later, Todd walks back into Andie’s life – asking for her help. The stone quarry they jointly inherited is for sale, and a good price would secure the future for both of them – paying Andie’s tuition and buying freedom for Todd to concentrate on his sculpture. They need to sell now, but the prospective buyer believes he can pick up the quarry at a discount while Todd and Andie fight through a divorce. Todd wants Andie to rejoin him at the family home, Amberley, and put a false face on their failing marriage to convince the buyer and sell the quarry. But is Andie risking her heart if she returns to Amberley?

a NEW sweet contemporary romance in the traditional Leigh Michaels style

print, e-book, or audio

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Promise Me Tomorrow

When rising reporter Cassidy Adams is assigned to go after a story on building tycoon Reid Cavanaugh, she’d rather run away than confront him again – if only that was an option. Five years before, Cassidy was a down-on-her-luck college student when Reid offered to rescue her, giving her baby a name and Cassidy a fresh start. But when her pregnancy ended, Cassidy was afraid to face Reid – or her feelings – so she disappeared. When they meet again, the flames of their past are rekindled – and now the fires of passion burn hotter yet.

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Writing Between the Sexes

Men and women think, talk, and act differently -- which causes problems for writers who are trying to create characters of the opposite sex. When we understand the difference between masculine and feminine qualities and habits, we can use those behaviors and patterns to create characters who are plausible and unique, but not stereotypical. Writing Between the Sexes will help you to identify your own gender-specific behaviors, notice those of the opposite sex, and use both to make your characters realistic and believable.

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updated 24 August 2014

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